Equipment for oil and
gas industry

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After JSC RDC Neftegastechnika had merged with United Machinery Plants, a new company was formed on the basis of the former one. Management of the JSC NGT was headed by Nikolai D. Derkach. In his usual energetic manner, he was organizing the company of a new type, having gathered only highly skilled personnel and equipment that could solve the tasks efficiently and flexibly in the conditions of modern economy. The company's structure has all the necessary departments that any good engineering and producing company has: design department, technological and production departments, service support and engineering supervision department, machine processing and assembling workshop, quality service, nondestructive testing laboratory, commercial department.

Nikolai D. Derkach was born in 1937; in 1961 he graduated from Grozny Petroleum Institute with a degree in Machines and equipment of oil and gas fields. He started his work at Kungur machinery plant in 1961 as turbodrill designer. In 1964 he was transferred to the Perm Branch of All-Russian scientific-research institute of drilling technique (VNIIBT), to the turbodrill department, to the position of the project chief engineer. Later he worked as laboratory chief, head of geared turbodrill department and from 1987 to 1992 he worked as the director of the Perm Branch of VNIIBT. Within perestroika period he founded JSC RDC Neftegastechnika and from 1994 to 2006 he headed it. When the company was taken over by the holding United Machinery Plants, he retired from VNIIBT structures and in 2006 he was assigned to the position of general director of JSC NGT.

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