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Our company is one of the leading engineering companies in the development of hydraulic downhole motors (HDM) and equipment for single string selective production (SSSP) of hydrocarbon in one oil well.

The company provides complete production cycle of HDM and single string selective production equipment:

  • Design;
  • Production of prototypes;
  • Stand and field tests;
  • Continuous improvement of design;
  • Commercial production of HDM and equipment for single string selective production.

Main directions of the company's activity:

  • Positive Displacement Motors (PDM's);
  • Turbodrills;
  • Components for PDM's and turbodrills;;
  • Single string selective production equipment.

All the products of our company are certified.

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Unique 43 mm dia PDM

For the milling of casing strings and drilling of sidetracks during building of multilateral wells using radial drilling technology and 58-60 mm dia bits, our company has designed a unique PDM in the size of 43 mm and with the 2DO-43.NGT.5/6.3М2 code. The motor has two power sections and two points of misalignment. Two fixed bent subs with 5 degree twist angles were installed between the bearing section and two power sections. Due to two places of misalignment and very short distances between them, the motor allows to drill wells of 7 meters radius and more. The field tests have begun of two two-section 2DO-43.NGT.5/6.3М2 motors that we have supplied our customer with.