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Bearing sections

Production of bearing sections for positive displacement motors and turbodrills is the main direction of the company's activity. Full cycle of operations on production of bearing section is realized: designing, prototype production, stand and field tests, design improvement, commercial production, service.

Due to significant increase of power and torque in case of PDM use with long power sections of import production, we have faced the challenge of reliability and life of all transmission members ( clutch, cardan joints, threads, bearing section shaft) transmitting torque from PDM rotor to bit. Our company has carried out a huge cycle of work on increase of load-carrying capacity of the above PDM transmission members within the range of sizes from 76 mm to 244 mm. We have mastered production of the enhanced operation life bearing sections.

Key advantages of bearing sections designed and produced by our company:

1. Short lower shoulder to axes misalignment point. Due to short shoulder drillers can provide PDM trips without substantial pressing of bit to internal borehole walls. While drilling complex profile sideholes, where required is alternating deviated intervals providing the build rate exceeding 5°/10 m and stabilization intervals ensuring drill string rotation to drill without pulling out the arrangement to adjust the angle.
2. Enhanced operation life. In-house bearing sections, where multi-row thrust ball bearings are used as axial bearings, have enhanced operation life. Their average overhaul period constitutes 200-280 hours. Three standard sizes (106, 120 and 178 mm) have bearing sections of even longer operation life. The above modifications are complete with axial sliding bearing the operating surfaces of which are produced of synthetic diamond. The average overhaul period of such bearing sections reaches 300-350 hrs.
3. Powerful double-hinged cardan joints are available due to increase of cardan joint OD and use of large diameter balls. As the result cardan joint load-carrying capacity and life were increased:

  Rubber cups are produced out of special rubber at aircraft plant. The friction pair «mushroom-insert» is made out of steel and bronze, chosen under recommendation of Sukhoi aircraft design bureau, which are used for creation of sliding bearings in aircraft building;

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