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Bearing section S-178.NGT.M16 is a new short bearing section featuring enhanced operation life.

The bearing section is used in PDM power sections of 172 – 178 mm diameter and for drilling oil and gas wells with 212,5 - 250,8 mm bits.

Axial bearing of bearing section is a multi-row thrust ball bearing with toroidal raceways, radial bearings of bearing section are steel sleeves, having the friction surfaces reinforced with hard-alloy plates.

The bearing section is furnished with drive shaft with two joints to connect to the power section rotor. The bearing section design has adjustable bent sub. The adjustment range is from 0° up to 2° or from 0° up to 3°.

Meeting customers' requirements, the bearing section can be produced with the connecting threads for specific power section.

In the bottom part of a bearing section there is a nut on the sub which can replace, if necessary, nipple centralizer.

Top sub (safety sub), also replaceable centralizer and calibrator sub are available with the bearing section to connect the power section to drill pipes:

Calibrator sub

Technical specification

Technical specifications

Housing OD, mm 178
Bearing section length, mm 2 587
Bearing section length to curvature plane, mm 1 897
Range of angle adjuster change, degree 0-2 or 0-3
Connecting thread to bit З-117
Torque transmitted, max. kN*m 24
Tolerance of axial loading, kN 250
Overhaul period, hour 280
Outline drawing

of specifications
Housing OD, mm
Bearing section length, mm
Bearing section length to curvature plane, mm
Range of angle adjuster change, degree
Connecting thread to bit
Torque transmitted, max. kN*m
Tolerance of axial loading, kN
Overhaul period, hour
S-178.NGT.M16 S-178.NGT.M23
178 178 178
2 546 2 587 2 546
1 856 1 897 1 856
0-2 or 0-3 0-2 or 0-3 0-2 or 0-3
З-117 З-117 З-117
24 24 24
250 250 250
280 280 350