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Components and spare parts

As the basis for creation of state-of-the-art HDM featuring enhanced power, technological and operation characteristics and development works are used, having been carried out by the company during the last 10 years in the area of designing durable axial and radial bearings, new turbine types, universal joints, adjustable bent housings, improvement of production technology and use of corrosion- and wear -resistant materials. The key item was to start useing cylindrical and conical threads with trapezoid profile. The company had to carry out this amount of cost-based work by one very important reason: operation life of modern cone-rock bits and non-cone rock bits has become multiply long than overhaul life (OL) of HDM bearing sections. Often bit life exceeded PDM power section life.

The most important results of the work have become development of:

  • radial bearings with impregnated hard alloy components;
  • multi-row axial ball bearings of extended accuracy;
  • axial bearings with polycrystalline diamond inserts;
  • highly efficient turbine stages (efficiency up to 60-70%) produced by precision casting method as per investment patterns made out of stainless steel.

The site includes different HDM components.

The company has terminated the field run cycle of PDM bearing sections in conjunction with long power sections (4-6 m). All transmission members, transferring torque from rotor to bit (universal joints, bearing section shaft, threads, clutches) are featuring enhanced load-carrying capacity. JSC NGT offers new generation bearing sections ad transmission members (universal joints, bent housings etc.) to customers to operate with long power sections.