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Back-pressure valves

Back-pressure valves are necessary to prevent motor when drill string running and also to prevent showings of oil, gas and water from the well through the drilling string when drilling oil and gas wells. Back-pressure valves are mounted above positive displacement motor. Main advantages of back-pressure valves designed by NGT company in comparison with those of other manufacturers are listed below:

1. Back-pressure valve design doesn't have hard alloy units at all which simplifies it, ensures its reliability, and, consequently, ensures considerable valve operation life.

2. Back-pressure valve design doesn't have rubber sealing elements which allows applying back-pressure valves in any, even high-temperature, wells and also enhances its reliability and simplicity of its repairs.

3. Protective coverage of valve spring and its piston allows the valve working in any corrosive environment during longer period of time in comparison with the valves of other manufacturers.

Due to the abovementioned design features, the overhaul period of our back-pressure valves is around 250 working hours.

Specifications Designations
KО-76 KО-95
KО-120 KО-165 KО-178 KО-195 KО-210 KО-240
Outer diameter, mm 76 106 120 165 178 195 210 240
Total length, mm 226 329 382 484 497 497 497 547
Case length, mm 190 240 280 370 370 370 370 420
Connecting thread, top (box) З-66 З-86 З-102 З-133 З-147 З-147 З-152 З-171
Connecting thread, bottom (pin) З-66 З-86 З-102 З-133 З-147 З-147 З-152 З-171
Valve closing pressure, kg/cm2 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,4 0,4 0,3 0,3 0,3
Mud flow rate, l/s, not more than 5 13 20 40 40 55 60 70
Weight, kg 6 13 18 47 52 66 78 116

Sand content in the mud shouldn't be more than 1%. Mud density shouldn't be more than 2 g/cm3. Valve proof-test pressure while underfeeding is 350 bar.