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Positive displacement motors

First the idea of PDM design based on multi-lobe screw gerotor mechanism was suggested at the Perm Branch of VNIIBT in early 60s. In 1966 the idea was patented. Further works were carried out together with VNIIBT. The Perm Branch of VNIIBT produced the first prototype of 42 mm diameter, then production of 172 mm dia. PDM prototype with 9/10 lobe configuration of power section followed. The latter was successfully tested in the well. Later all the standard sizes of the PDM's within the range of 42 to 240 mm were designed and produced.

The new Russian design obtained wide international recognition.

In the early 1980-s the production licenses were sold to Drilex company. In the early 1990-s the term of the sold licenses expired and currently there are more than 30 companies worldwide producing multi-lobe PDM power sections.

Since then, during 47 years the PDM's have been evolutionally developed, being now one of the most efficient technical tools for well drilling.

Availability of torque capacious PDC bits featuring enhanced operationhigh life have emposed new requirements to power section characteristics. Recently leading producers have managed to increase the torque and life significantly due to increase of power section length. The power section life at that considerably exceeded overhaul life of the PDM spindles.

Our company has developed more powerful and reliable spindle designs allowing us to produce the PDM's of longer operation life and guarantee the longest overhaul life among the equipment produced by Russian manufacturers.

Our company pays special attention to trouble-free run of the PDM's produced. Each motor has two anti-damage devices:

  • anti-damage device on the spindle shaft, which in case of the shaft failure in its thin section will not allow the shaft to fall out from the spindle housing;
  • top sub (safety sub) has a fishing tool to pull the PDM parts using rotor in case of failure or thread unscrewing.

This web-site presents our most popular PDM's among our customers.