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Single string selective production

The key task during SSSP (single-string selective) of several hydrocarbon reservoirs in one well is observance of Rules for protection of subsurface resources PB 07-601-03, the main requirement of which is to keep a record of hydrocarbons production on each reservoir and provide field researches. JSC NGT offers the equipment for SSSP which solves completely the task assigned and fulfills all the legislation requirements in the protection of subsurface resources.

Uniqueness of the idea, which was implemented in the offered SSSP equipment is to use well annulus as hydraulic channel for tentative shutting off of one of the reservoirs from operation. The the possibility appears to provide field research of the reservoir operated. Technically, the task is realized by use of packer systems, isolating the reservoirs, as well as shutoffs, providing tentative shut off of inflow of one of the reservoirs to carry out researches and measurements of another reservoir. The reservoirs shut off is provided by hydraulic effect on shutoffs by means of injection of, for example, process water to the annulus. Reliability and specific design allow realizing the potential of each reservoir in case of changing the rock pressure and reservoir productivity during operation.

The company has developed some modifications of SSSP equipment:

Parameter UKORD-89.NGT.M1 UKORD-120.NGT.M1 UKORD-120.NGT.M1
Equipment flow capacity, m³/day Up to 80 Up to 400 Up to 400
Available viscosity of hydrocarbon Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Quantity of reservoirs for research 2 2 3
Availability in flow tubing, mm 114 146 146
Unit OD, mm 89 120 120
Availability of pressure controller Yes Yes Yes

The key competitive advantages of in-house production SSSP equipment are:

  • availability of any standard downhole pumping equipment (one lift of pipes, one pump),
  • no restrictions on well depth and gas factor,
  • possibility to be used in small diameter wells and side boreholes.

To have more precise understanding of the processes in the well while using this equipment, there is possibility to complete SSSP equipment with telemetry system.

JSC NGT specialists can organize the equipment presentation at any time convenient for you and carry out instruction on its use. We provide engineer supervision of the equipment delivered during initial equipment run at customer's field.