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The company provides full cycle of operations on turbodrill production: designing, prototype production, stand and field tests, design improvement, commercial production of turbodrills.

During the last 10 years great consideration has been given to designing and production of new turbine types featuring high efficiency (60-70% efficiency). The turbines are produced by precision casting method as per investment patterns. Big experience and knowledge, stored by leading experts of the company have allowed us in different calculation methods while turbine blade profile development and create new turbines taking into the account know-how and statistic data on the results of the turbine patterns testing.

Development and production of a new turbine is the process requiring long time and significant expenses. Meeting customers requirement, the company's specialists provide full cycle of works regarding designing and production of the turbine stages, starting from production of the turbine blade profile to provide mold and terminating with production of the turbine stages. The stored experience allows producing the turbines to furnish turbodrills having different speed characteristics 350 through 2500 RPM for different bit types (rock, impregnated and PDC).

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