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Turbodrill T2-127.NGT.M2 has high speed of rotation and is used for drilling of wells with combination and impregnated bits of small diameter.

The turbodrill contains two turbine sections and bearing section. The turbine sections incorporate the turbine of high speed of rotation and low pressure drop. The turbine efficiency constitutes 68-70% at max. power. The turbodrill bearing section operates in mud and has axial sliding bearing, the operating surfaces made of synthetic diamond. This allows reaching high power characteristics and overhaul operation life (not less than 300 hours).

Technical and power

Turbodrill specification

Housing OD, mm 122
OD of threaded connections, mm 127
Diameters of bits used, mm 146,0-171,4
Turbodrill length, mm 11 651
Length of top turbine section, mm 5 196
Length of bottom turbine section, mm 4 947
Length of bearing section, mm 1 508
Connecting thread to drill pipes З-88
Connecting thread to bit З-88
Max. density of mud, g/cm3 1,9
Max. axial load, kN 50
Weight, kg 750
Max. temperature in well, °C 250

Turbodrill power characteristic

Quantity of turbine sections, pc. 2
Mud flow rate, l/sec 10
Mud density, g/cm3 1,0
Stall torque, N*m 988
Speed of rotation at operating condition, min-1 1236
Pressure drop, MPa 9,2
Max. power, kW 54
Outline drawing

of specifications
Code T2-127.NGT.M1 T2-127.NGT.M2
Turbodrill specification:

Dia. of bits used, mm

146,0-171,4 146,0-171,4
Length, mm 11 651 11 651
Connecting thread to drill pipes З-88 З-88
to bit З-88 З-88
Rage of bend angles, deg - -
Weight, kg 750 750
Turbodrill power characteristic:
Quantity of sections, pcs Turbine section 2 2
Bearing section 1 1

Quantity of turbine stages in turbodrill, psc

220 220
Mud flow rate, l/sec 14-16 10

Stall torque, N*m

1100-1450 988

Speed of rotation at operating condition, min-1

1151-1316 1236
Pressure drop, MPa 6,3-8,2 9,2
Max. power, kW 63-93 54

Note: turbodrill power characteristics are given at mud density of 1.0 g/cm3