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Currently the company produces the turbines for 4 main turbodrill sizes 127 mm (4 3/4"), 178 mm (6 3/4"), 195 mm (7 11/16") and 240 mm (9 1/2"). All types of the turbines (except 195 and 240 mm turbines) are produced of stainless steel. Based on these turbines, a new turbodrill generation has been created, the main types presented in the given web-site.

One more achievement of JSC NGT is used in the design of these turbodrills – bearing section which is a - damper with PDC axial bearings. Damping members are chosen so, that the level of vibrations generated by bit during rock collapse is reduced. Radial bearings of the turbine and spindle are produced with supporting surfaces, reinforced with hard alloy components.

Combination of the above design features and processing methods, realized during new generation turbodrill production has provided high reliability and life of all main assemblies and members of the turbodrills at quite different operation conditions: high temperatures, a wide range of chemical agents used to maintain the required solution parameters and effect of reservoir shows: H2S; H2SO3; H2SO4; HCl; Cl2. Total operation life of the turbodrills till writing off (till full wear of basic parts and assemblies) - 900 hours; average overhaul life of spindles with PDC axial bearing - from 300 hours and more (depending on drilling conditions).

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