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Drilling equipment leasing

The key competitive advantage of our equipment is its high reliability. To carry out jobs in standard environment, we offer positive displacement motors and turbodrills, containing bearing sections the axial bearings of which are multi-row thrust ball bearings with toroidal raceway. For these jobs we have the following life characteristics based on the experience of our equipment use:

Equipment standard size Total time of equipment operation till writing off (till full wear of basic parts and assemblies)*, hr Average overhaul life, hr Guaranteed overhaul life**, hr
DR-76 900 200 130-170
DR-88 900 200 130-170
DR-95 900 200 130-170
DR-106 900 200 130-170
DR-120 900 200 130-170
DR-165 900 200 150-230
DR-178 900 280 150-230
DR-195 900 250 150-230
DR-210 900 250 150-230
DR-240 900 250 150-230
Т-195 900 250 150-230
Т-240 900 250 150-230

* - Decision on writing off of the equipment is made individually for every item having received the results of nondestructive testing of basic parts and assemblies.

** - Guaranteed overhaul life is assigned individually depending on drilling conditions, condition of JSC NGT specialist supervision at the field, condition of submission and quality of reporting allowing to track efficiently the equipment status etc.

Bypass valves, back-pressure valves and slotted strainers mounted in PDM leased have the similar data on average overhaul life and guaranteed overhaul life as the PDM of the corresponding size.мера.

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