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Nondestructive testing

JSC NGT has its own certified nondestructive testing lab (NTL). The lab is the independent structural department of the company and is periodically certified on compliance with United Conformity System requirements in the sphere of industrial, environmental safety, safety in energy and construction regarding equipment for oil and gas industry. Our NTL is certified as per the clauses 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 of United Conformity System and is dealing with testing of drilling equipment and tools for drilling oil and gas wells in the course of their production and run.

Our lab specialists have stored great experience in nondestructive method testing of parts, assemblies and components of positive displacement motors, turbodrills, equipment for simultaneous operation of several oil reservoirs in one well with tentative shutting off of reservoir inflow, for both: product manufacture and maintenance. The jobs carried out by the specialists allow excluding any probability of the drilling tool breakdown in the well. Thus, we minimize financial risks for end users, regarding down time of drilling team, unplanned trips and fishing jobs.

Currently the lab specialists have the right to use the following nondestructive methods:

VTI – visual tool inspection;
UI – ultrasonic inspection;
MPI – magnetic powder inspection;
PI – penetrant inspection.

Verified instrumentation is used in the lab. All the nondestructive testing lab personnel of JSC NGT has II skill level, as per Regulations of personnel certification in the sphere of nondestructive testing. Average uninterrupted service of the specialists in the sphere of nondestructive testing of drilling equipment and tools constitutes 8 years.

Certification № LNK-084 A 0002
of JSC NGT nondestructive testing laboratory,
issued by independent certification agency.