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gas industry

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Repair and service of drilling equipment

JSC NGT renders full range services regarding maintenance and repair of in-house drilling tools:

  • diagnosing of equipment status;
  • maintenance and repair of tool;
  • delivery of spare parts and active storage for unassisted repair of equipment purchased;
  • guaranteed and post warranty maintenance of tools;
  • consultations on service and repair of operated tools;
  • customer's staff training regarding features of JSC NGT equipment repair
  • tools repair by our specialists in customer's workshops.

JSC NGT has all the required equipment, process tools and skilled staff to carry out repair and maintenance of the in-house equipment. When the equipment is delivered for revision, all further processes are registered and databased. We thoroughly analyze the data on the productive life of the tool, its assemblies and parts. This allows to modify efficiently the tool design meeting the field conditions of its operation, resulting positively in increase of its total and overhaul life.

As the result of the equipment revision, service personnel prepares defect tally sheet containing the list of parts requiring replacement and repair. During every revision, non-destructive testing of all main assemblies and parts is provided. The defect tally sheet is submitted to customer for approval, if required the sheet includes photos on revealed nonconformities and breakdowns. The reasons of all breakdowns are determined. In complicated situations we make request to specialized labs of nondestructive testing for the information on possible reasons of breakdown/failure of the parts on molecular level.